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2305 Franklin Drive
Fort Worth, TX  76106
Fax 817-625-4033


Spec No.  PT-1152




Stock Model


Pneumatic Technology, Inc.


1636 x 4 x 96  Aluminum Lightweight Pneumatic Dry Bulk


PM-749 - This specification is for 2008 Production.


1. Capacity: 1636 Cubic Feet Four 45 degree hoppers. Weight distribution per truss assembly 339-0003 for tractor weight range of 16,659 thru 19,174 lbs.  96 wide unit.

2. Construction: Polished aluminum - Smooth exterior with external top shell stiffeners and fully welded internal bar-type rings.  Extruded ALL aluminum front and rear frames with tubular aluminum struts.

3. Design: For pneumatic handling of low density dry flowable powders and granules, including plastics and food grade commodities.  Operating pressure 14.7 PSIG.  Maximum commodity temperature 160 degrees F.  W-2 internal weld treatment (snag free and weld tint removed).  Interior surfaces to be protected during production.

4. Manholes: Four 20 full opening Heil MM cast aluminum pressure covers with (6) cam-type adjustable hold-downs.  Located over each hopper.  Covers equipped with white gasket and hinged at roadside. 


1. Air Piping: Inlet at roadside front equipped with 3 aluminum adapter and cap. 

2. Check Valves: Two 3 swing checks.  One 3" near air inlet and one 3" upstream of front hopper discharge outlet.

3. Aeration: One 3 aluminum Fig 890 butterfly valve at roadside controls airflow to aeration manifold on roadside.  Line ends with aluminum threaded cap with white neoprene gasket.  Each hopper fitted with three SureSeal aerators, with hopper saver wear plates and 2 individual air control ball valve.  Aeration to be equipped with white food grade hoses.

4. Pressure Control Valve: 3 Aluminum Fig 890 butterfly valve located roadside to regulate airflow to discharge line.

5. Blow-Down Line: 3 Aluminum line with 3 aluminum Fig 890 butterfly valve and SureSeal PSIG mechanical relief valve with cam-lock quick disconnect.

6. Top Air: 3 Aluminum line with 3 Fig 890 butterfly valve in combination with blow-down line.

7. Product Valves: 6 Fig 890 Butterfly valve with two-piece aluminum body, one-piece stainless steel disc-stem and white square shoulder seat at each hopper operated roadside.

8. Discharge Line: Cast aluminum 6 gravity tee at each hopper with 4 schedule 40 aluminum pipe connected with snap joint couplings with white flush-seal gaskets.  Line extended straight to extreme rear and equipped with 4 weld-on aluminum adapter and cap.  Front flush out with 4 adapter and cap.  Sight glass in line behind #4 hopper.

9. Gravity Drops: 6 Sure Seal aluminum gravity drop tees

10. Pressure Gauges: Two liquid filled 0-30# range mounted in cabinet with light.  Conveniently located roadside at front of rear fender.

11. Fill and vent line: 4 rear fill line at top of trailer, extending 60 to inside of vessel, with 4 male adapter and dust cap on external end.  4 rear vent line, extending flush with inside of rear head, with 4 adapter and cap.

12. Seal tabs: Seal tabs on all outlets.

NOTE: All butterfly valve seats and gaskets to be white non-toxic.  All air control butterfly valves to be Fig 890 with SS disc.


1. Fenders and Mud Flaps: Contoured aluminum at front and rear with PneuTech anti-sail flaps.

2. Hose Carrier: Two 8 x 21 aluminum tubes with cast aluminum door at each end.  Tubes mounted curbside flush with rear of trailer, one each side.

3. Discharge Hose: None

4. Hose Stand and Mandrel: Adjustable height stand mounted at front.  3 male adapter for stowing free end of 3 hose located at curbside.

5. 3 Hot Air Hose: None

6. Ladder: Aluminum mounted at curbside rear with aluminum grip strut platform top step and grab handles at chassis frame and at top of vessel.  Mid ladder platform for fill line access.

7. Walkway: Non-skid tape on top of vessel between full-length top rails with Full-length grip strut walkway curbside.

8. Lights and Wiring: 12 Volt sealed harness system w/ 1-8ga, 2-10ga, 4-12ga main cable. Trucklite LED Standard marker and clearance lights and 4 rear lamps, 2-red stop/tail and 1-amber turn signal, in bolt-on aluminum box.  7-way SAE J560 connector without circuit breakers at front. Combination mid-tank clearance and turn signal.  Additional high mounted stoplight and FMVSS 108 conspicuity tape included.

9. Document holder: Trucklite, mounted on roadside frame.


1. Upper Coupler: Steel plate with 2 forged kingpin and heavy duty channel stiffeners.  Assembly bolted on and adjustable.  KP setting to be 16.5.

2. Support Legs: Binkley Contender two-speed with sand shoes.  Mounted between first and second hopper with gearbox and crank on roadside.

3. Suspension: Hendrickson raised center axle AA230-RC Air Ride Suspension, parallel axle, & brake system, 71.5" track, 5" round, 23,000 lb. axle beam rating, 49" spacing, with OEM suggested single leveling valve.  Heil R2R ("Ready 2 Run") Value Package - Includes Hendrickson's Five-Year wheel end warranty and factory supplied chambers, slacks, preset hubs, and drums. 

*Manual dump valve system with manual valve mounted in pressure gauge box.  (Note: This system requires manual activation of a toggle valve to exhaust or and inflate suspension.)

* J&L Load Scale Kit mounted in pressure gauge box with manual air dump kit.   

4. Axles: (2) Integral with air ride suspension parallel spindles

5. Brake System: Constant power on auxiliary pin of SAE J560 7-way.   

Aluminum air reservoir(s).   

16.5" x 7" (quick change) S-cam type brake shoes    - Heil's R2R Package includes:

Extended service brake shoes (Premium ABEX 30/30-197 with 5/8 thick brake shoes. 

OEM type 30-30, Haldex Life Seal (long stroke) parking-emergency spring brake Brake Chambers.

OEM (automatic) slack adjuster Haldex 5.5" with grease fittings. Sealco-Meritor Wabco Enhanced 4S-2M anti-lock premium brake system.

6. Hubs & Drums: 10 Stud, "Hub Pilot" (single nut mount), aluminum hub for outboard drum (parallel spindle)

Centrifuse - outboard mount brake drums (16.5" x 7").  

7. Oil Seals: Preset bearing with OEM seals and visible-fluid type hubcaps. 

8. Wheels: 10 Stud aluminum machine finish 24.5" x 8.25" (Hub Pilot - single nut mount) wheels 

9. Tires: 11R-24.5 Michelin XT-1 radial tires.

10.Tire Carrier:

11. Hubodometer: Stemco P/N 650-0593 with the 3-legger bracket 610-0084 located streetside front

12. Bumper: Full width aluminum, with ladder step.

13. Paint: Silver metallic Imron Series 5000 on steel parts only - #N0217 (43523).

NOTE: It is recommended that the interior of the vessel be cleaned professionally prior to initial loading to avoid contamination of the cargo.

Pneumatic Technology, Inc. is the premier industry provider of expertise in Pneumatic Dry Bulk Trailers, Stainless Trailers, and related services.


If what you are looking for is not listed here, PLEASE CALL US!

Pneumatic Technology, Inc.
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Fort Worth, TX 76106
Toll-Free 1-800-211-7085
Fax 817-625-4033
Cellular 817-371-6623

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