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1. Capacity: 4000 cubic feet plus or minus 3%

2. Construction: 3/16 thickness hot rolled steel

3. Design: For pneumatic handling of high density flowable powders

4. Operating Pressure: 15 PSIG operating pressure; tested at 22.5 PSIG

5. Manholes: One Knappco 20 full opening cast aluminum pressure cover with six (6) cam type adjustable hold downs located over fourth hopper.  Cover fitted with black  gasket with hinge at roadside.

6. Compartments: One

7. Hoppers: (6) Six 40-degree hoppers



1. Air Piping: 3 1/2 OD steel tubing at curbside front equipped with 3 aluminum adapter and cap.  One 3 butterfly valve at roadside controls air flow to aeration     manifold on curbside.

2. Check Valves: Two 3 Aluminum swing checks.  One near air inlet and one upstream of front hopper discharge outlet.

3. Aeration: Each hopper fitted with a 30 cotton aeration pad.  Each hopper equipped with a 2 inlet line and individual 2 aeration bronze ball control valve.

4. Pressure Control Valve: 3 butterfly valve located roadside to regulate air flow to discharge line.

5. Blow-Down Valve: 4 steel line located at rear head with 4 butterfly valve operable from ground.

6. Product Valve: 6 butterfly valve at each hopper operated at roadside.

7. Discharge Line: Schedule 40 steel 5 tee at each hopper, angled to rear, with 5 schedule 40 steel tubing connected wit 5 victaulic couplings.  Line extended straight to rear of #6 hopper and turned out to roadside in front of rear axle and equipped with 5 aluminum adapter and cap.

8. Discharge Cleanout: 5 cleanout / blow through fitting at front of discharge line with 5 aluminum adapter and cap.

9. Pressure Gauges: Two  4 dial, 0-30 # range mounted roadside at #4 hopper.

10. Fill Lines: Two (2), One at rear curbside and one at front curbside, 4 schedule 40 steel 4 with adapter and cap.

11. Vent Line: One (1), at rear street side, 4 schedule 40 steel with 4 butterfly valve

12. Pressure Relief: One tank mounted pressure relief valve at manhole collar set at 14.5 PSIG.

NOTE: All butterfly valve seats and gaskets to be black non-toxic rubber unless specified otherwise.  All valve handles to be in line with disc.



1. Mud Flaps: Black rubber anti-sail flaps.

2. Discharge Hoses: None

3. 3 Hot Air Hose: None

4. Ladder: Steel mounted at roadside rear of manhole, removable with on-board storage provisions.

5. Lights and Wiring: 12 Volt system complies with DOT requirements on rear of unit only.  Petersen stop, tail, turn & clearance LED lamps. Unit to have reflective tape treatment as required by federal regulations.



1. Upper Coupler: Standard 2 diameter.  Hi tensile 5/16 steel plate with 2 heavy duty channel stiffeners.

2. Support Legs: 10 screw jacks with 30 x 30 reinforced pads.  Level Load rating, with equal torque on screws and sound level footing is 500,000 lb. rating.

3. Suspension: Hutch H-9700 single axle with flange mount hangers and three leaf springs.

4. Axle: Dexter 22,000 lb. 77 1/2 track

5. Brake System: 16 1/2 x 7 Hi-Pro 30/30 park brake chambers, zinc coated and painted with polyurethane.  Grewson Auto slacks.  Single tank air system.

6. Fenders: Contour aluminum fenders at rear over single axle

7. Hubs and Drums: Hub piloted ten stud cast hubs with outboard mounted cast drums.

8. Oil Seals: National

9. Wheels: Four Accuride hub piloted 22.5 x 8.25 steel disc, pre-painted white.

10.Tires: Four 11R22.5 radial tires, 12 ply.

11. Paint: Entire unit sandblasted and painted with MGM two part epoxy primer and painted with PPG Polyurethane.  Standard white or gray color, customer choice.

12. Blower Package: None, Optional electric or diesel blower package available.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that the interior of the vessel be cleaned professionally prior to initial loading to avoid contamination of cargo.  Dealer is not responsible for product contamination or damage to unit from moving loading storage bin or improper set-up of bin on legs.

Pneumatic Technology, Inc. is the premier industry provider of expertise in Pneumatic Dry Bulk Trailers, Stainless Trailers, and related services.


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